This Brightening Eye Roller Sold Out in 3 Days — and My Before and After Photos Will Show You Why
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This Brightening Eye Serum Sold Out in 3 Days — and My Before and After Photos Will Show You Why

It’s back in stock now. 

For the last few weeks, I have been going through it: I am dealing with the death of a family member, the sickness of another, and triggers of past-related trauma. I have clinical depression, but would consider myself currently having a flare-up, if you will. And disclosing all this is to explain that I have been sleeping poorly, crying, sad, stressed, and tired, which is making my genetic dark under-eye circles worse than ever.

This week, Beautybio gifted me its Eyelighter Concentrate pen. I caught a glimpse of my puffy dark eyes in the reflection of my desk mirror and decided that out of all the products waiting for me to try I would choose this one. The Eyelighter Concentrate is a multifaceted tool: It a primes, depuffs, brightens, and smooths —  a combination that resulted in it selling out in Sephora within just three days after  launching in February. 

BeautyBio The Eyelighter Concentrate
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I pumped the serum through the metal applicator and went back and forth under my right eye and on the upper part of my lid. The metal applicator was cool-to-the-touch and instantly felt good on my puffy skin, but the real benefit took me by surprise. When I looked in the mirror for the second time, I was pleasantly surprised. I by no means looked like a healthy, vivacious human, but the darker brown color enveloping my eyes like a panda's was lightened and reduced to a shade more closely resembling my actual skin tone. My under-eyes also looked hydrated, even after my skin fully absorbed the serum. 

Beautybio's Eyelighter Concentrate is a clean product formulated with a combination of incredibly hydrating and commonly touted brightening ingredients: hyaluronic acid, squalane, retinol, and vitamin C. 

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Top: without Eyelighter Concentrate. Bottom: after using Eyelighter Concentrate.

Even when I've liked an eye care product, I have never been enough of a believer to consistently use it. It's too early to say for sure, but I suspect this serum will change that as I've already begun using it twice a day in the short time I've had it. Grab Beautybio's Eyelighter Concentrate lest it should sell out — again.