By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated Sep 07, 2016 @ 10:00 am
Zoella Instagram
Credit: zoellalifestyle/instagram

International beauty vlogger Zoe Elizabeth Sugg—better known as Zoella—has seriously been kicking butt on the entrepreneurial front this year. Not only has her Zoella Beauty Range been wildly successful across the pond in the UK, where she resides, but she also recently began selling the range here in the states, as well as in Canada and Spain.

Now she's on to her next exciting venture, and this one calls for a legit party hat, if you ask us.

This week she announced she's launching Zoella Lifestyle, a line of products perfect for outfitting your makeup battlestation, bathroom, and bedroom.

Products teased include planters (which totally double as cosmetic brush holders and other organizational purposes), pillows that speak the truth ("naps fix everything," for example), planners, candles, and more. You can expect a lot of subdued, calming hues, including gray, gold, white, and pastels.

Salivating yet? Excuse us while we draw up some blueprints for our bedroom... must make room for ALL the pillows.