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Remember that scene in Clueless when Cher picks out her iconic plaid outfit via a digitalized wardrobe? The tops and bottoms magically appear on a photograph of herself stored in her computer, allowing her to virtually try on a bunch of different outfits. That still may seem very "futuristic" to you, but we totally live in a world where that's possible, especially when it comes to beauty apps. And no, you don't have to live in a giant mansion with a big name attorney as your father in order to play. Numerous digitalized "try on" apps are available today, and we're highlighting some of our favorites below.

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Facebook recently collaborated with ModiFace, a virtual try-on app you can now use within the Facebook Messenger app. Through the app, you're able to try on over 900 different lipsticks from assorted brands. FYI: ModiFace is currently working on integrating other types of cosmetics, as well.

To use the app, log into the messenger and then start a new message. In the "To" field, type "ModiFace" and then a new chat window will appear. ModiFace will walk you through the try on process by asking you several questions, and it will also ask you for a photograph of yourself. From there, you can try on as many different lipsticks as you want. Personally, I think this is a great way to try on lipsticks you might not be familiar with, and the app does a great job of making the lipstick look realistic and true to color.

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Sephora's Virtual Artist app will blow your mind, so get excited. To use it, you first need to download the Sehora app. From there, you sign in with your Beauty Insider account, or you can sign up for an account from within the app. Once you log in, you'll find Virtual Artist on the home screen. Select it and then select "start now." You'll be prompted to give camera access to the app, and once you do the magic starts.

As soon as the camera's activated, you'll see yourself in a pair of falsies and lipstick. From there, you can switch out the lipsticks and the eyelashes until you find the color and style that you like. The lashes look surprisingly real and there are a lot of options to choose from. The lipstick selection isn't as broad, but it's still fun to play around with the different colors and be able to buy within the app. The coolest thing about this app is that you can compare all of the images side-by-side in a grid that Virtual Artist puts together for you.

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If you're even a little bit giddy about Urban Decay's recent Vice lipstick launch, this is the app for you. Before you step foot in a store or commit to purchase, you can virtually try on any one of the brand's 100 lipsticks, which could potentially save you loads of money. Plus it's fun to be able to try them all on.

After downloading the app, you take one photograph of yourself and then the app virtually applies lipstick to your image. You see one lipstick color at a time and can swipe through all 100 colors in one sitting. Swipe right to save the color as a yes, swipe no if you're not digging it. Once you've swiped through all the colors, you can access your saved photos to compare and shop. We like the idea of having different swipe sessions with different makeup each time. For example, maybe you want to try on the lipsticks with a dramatic eye look the first time, and with a more subtle, no-makeup makeup look the second.

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While the other apps focus specifically on lipstick and eyelashes, the YouCam virtual try on app lets you make up your whole face. Right now, they're partnered with a couple different cosmetic brands, including tarte, Laura Gellar, Ardell, Velvet59, Elizabeth Arden, and ittse. The app also recently announced they're collaborating with Kardashian Beauty, so stay tuned for that update.

After downloading the app, you can take a selfie or upload one. From there, you can customize your entire face with different products, including foundation, blush, contour, eye shadow, eye liner, faux lashes, and lipstick. As you navigate through all the cosmetic choices, you'll notice there's a slider tool that either enhances or minimizes the strength of the makeup on your face. If you adjust it with a deft hand, though, the results can be very realistic. Note that you cannot buy from within the app, but the app does tell you the name and brand of each product so you can shop later.

Have you ever used a virtual try-on app? More importantly, have you ever purchased something after virtually trying it on?