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For a product as no-fuss as makeup remover wipes, my search for the best of the best of 'em has involved a lot of, well, fuss. While I'm not willing to spend more than eight seconds actually cleaning my face (hence my fascination with wipes), I've been known to spend the better part of a half hour in our beauty closet comparing and contrasting towelette textures. (Yes, really.)

So trust me when I tell you: Clé de Peau Beauté Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Sheets ($40; are the crème de la crème.

Before I tell you why, take a second to manually close your jaw—I know it's probably hanging open after taking in that $40 price tag. These wipes are chock-full of delicate oils that manage to remove every bit of makeup without leaving any trace of residue. And because the fabric itself is incredibly smooth and soft (read: cashmere-like), there's zero tugging involved—so removing even the most stubborn shadow and liner won't irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes.

And here's another thing—the sticky closure on the packaging for these guys actually sticks. So the chances of you waking up to a sachette full of dried-out wipes are absolutely zero.

Consider me a convert.