Hello, Mr. Robot.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Aug 08, 2016 @ 7:00 am
Credit: Meegan Zimmerman/Getty Images

Technology has intercepted nearly every part of our lives but one area that still requires human contact is the art of the tattoo. An ink master can help you bring your tattoo dreams to a reality, reassure you of any concerns, and move with your inevitable physical reactions during the process. But that's about to change. Refinery29 brought a video to our attention that features a robot arm inking a real-life human...and its work is pretty remarkable!

The robot comes from the minds of a French company named Appropriate Audiences and the Applied Research Lab at Autodesk. Teaming up allowed them to combine their respective expertise to create this bad boy, which scans the body part to be tattooed, then translates the info to be readable by the robot while the team then programs the desired illustration.

Watch the video -- you really need to see this in action to understand the scale fo the robot and how it works. We're all for advancements in tech but for now we think we'll stick with getting inked the old-fashioned way -- by a human.