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When it comes to getting the brows of your dreams, the most important thing you need to do is also the hardest: “Ideally, you don’t want to touch your brows,” says Los Angeles pro Tonya Crooks, aka The Brow Gal. Try and schedule yourself an appointment to get them shaped. Then when you’re at home, do a little maintenance every couple of weeks; that means plucking strays that don’t impact the silhouette.

Every two weeks, fill in your brows with pencil or powder. Here you're creating your ideal shape, filling in gaps and slightly elongating the ends. “Then trim the hairs that are too long,” says Crooks, who works with Megan Fox. Now arm yourself with just one tool: a pair of slanted tweezers; skip microwavable waxes and at-home depilatories, says Crooks, which “take a great deal of skill to use around this area.” With your tweezers, remove only the unwanted hairs that grow outside of the silhouette.

Megan Fox
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Take a spoolie brush and run it over brows to blend any harsh lines. Next you can apply a little highlighter below your arches, and use a setting gel to brush up hairs and hold them in place. Dust a bit of matching powder (try The Brow Gal’s The Convertible Brow ($35, in between hairs to bulk up the look of your brows.