By Angelique Serrano
Mar 26, 2019 @ 9:00 am
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Sarah Gibson Tuttle always loved manicures. The problem was that she had to hide them: “When I was growing up in Connecticut, my dad didn’t want me to paint my nails; he felt it was flashy,” she says. Finally, in high school, she got her first dark manicure with Chanel Vamp and wore it until the polish fully chipped off.  

Today Gibson Tuttle oversees Olive & June, a trio of chic California nail salons, which she founded in 2013 after a decade in equity-sales trading. Before swapping one kind of digit for another, she toyed with the idea of becoming a talent manager and traveled to L.A. for agency interviews. To prep for meetings, she’d get her hair done at Drybar and was struck by its affordability and charm.

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As she pondered a move to the West Coast, she searched for a mani spot with the same personality and warmth. She remembers telling her then boyfriend (now husband), “I should do the Drybar for nails.” She packed her bags, worked on a business plan, and did her research, getting three manicures a week for a year (“My nails were paper-thin!” she says). When she opened her Beverly Hills salon, a wall of 350 polishes, customer-preference files, and painstakingly chosen details prompted a wait list from Day 1. “It was bananas. People wanted a better experience.”


Now Gibson Tuttle is bringing a touch of Olive & June to every home with her new DIY mani tool. “I didn’t get a salon manicure in 2018; I took the year to learn how to paint my own nails,” she says. “The first couple of tries were horrible. But I didn’t give up.”

She visited manufacturers and consulted engineers and soon developed the Poppy, a palm-size silicone-rubber topper that fits over the handle of a nail-polish brush to create a user-friendly, nearly foolproof painting experience. The accessory is débuting alongside Olive & June nail polishes, and it’s so easy to grip, even a kid could handle it. Gibson Tuttle says her daughter, Noah June, “got her first manicure on her third birthday, but now she can do her own nails. It’s crazy.”  

Sarah's Handy Tips:


Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel
These premoistened peel pads pack exfoliating acids, which work to soften spots and lines on hands.


The Poppy Universal Nail Polish Bottle Handle
Slide the Poppy topper over the brush handle of your polish. Paint nails, then clean up cuticles with nail-polish remover. Refresh your topcoat every few days. 


Nécessaire The Body Lotion
Treat cuticles with an oil or serum and moisturize hands daily with this salve to keep your mani looking its best.