Find out how Rina Sawayama keeps her skin healthier than ever with a less-is-more approach.
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Rina Sawayama Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico
Credit: Clara Balzary

British-Japanese singer Rina Sawayama is not only redefining pop music with her moody, sometimes therapeutic anthems (like "Cyber Stockholm Syndrome"), she's also on a mission to disrupt traditional beauty standards. When she's on stage, she prefers to sing her heart out in dramatic makeup and unexpected wigs.

During a recent editorial for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City, the 29-year-old singer pretty much did it all (with the help of an awesome glam squad that included Evanie Frausto, Ali, and Lyle Reimer). From blonde finger waves to stamps of the car company's logo between her eyebrows, the photos highlight Sawayama's affinity for unconventional beauty.

The wild looks are all a part of her act. In her everyday life, she prefers to keep things chill. "There is a really severe difference between my on face and my at-home face," Sawayama exclusively tells "When I’m at home, I rarely wear makeup. I wear black T-shirts and black jeans, kind of like a Steve Jobs vibe."

"My skincare routine is extremely important to me," she continues. "I use a lot of different brands, but I’m testing out iS Clinical at the moment."

Rina Sawayama Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico City
Credit: Parker Thornton

Sawayama also loves K-beauty products. "I actually use a lot of Korean brands," she explains. "My SPF has to be from an Asian brand because I feel like they have the formulas that don’t break me out. I really love Krave Beauty. They have a day fluid cream that’s really good."

Over the years, Sawayama's mom has taught her some non-traditional beauty hacks, too. "My mom washes her skin with shampoo," Sawayama reveals. "She said she washes her hair and then brings down the foam to her face. I was speaking to my friends about it, and my friend’s mom also uses shampoo to wash her face. I don’t know if it’s an Asian thing, but I feel like it must definitely be an Asian-mom thing. My mom is always like, ‘Your skin on your scalp is the same as the skin on your face.’ But I’m like, ''Hmm, we don’t have hair on our face though.'”

Rina Sawayama Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico City
Credit: Parker Thornton

"Honestly, hearing her say that made me reconsider how much I spend on my skincare," Sawayama admits. "If your mom has good genes and uses anything on her face, sometimes you have to trust the genetics. Now I know I don’t have to spend all of my coin on a skincare routine."

Sawayama used to faithfully follow a 12-step skincare routine, but after witnessing her mom's untraditional approach to beauty (and seeing how healthy her mom's skin is), she drastically streamlined things. "It's just two products at a time for me, and I stick to them," she says.