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Meghan Markle is the type of woman who could blink in your direction and you’d just fall over. Of course, that’s probably just her natural poise and grace shining through, but we have this theory that her mile-long lashes are catching the wind in such a way that it literally sends us toppling as if a massive gust of wind hit us.

The Duchess of Sussex has long captivated us with her gorgeous, eye-framing lashes, and it turns out, she has a trick to getting them as long and healthy as they are. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner Serum is the lash-lengthening secret that Markle has been using since at least 2014.

The best-selling formula not only conditions and strengthens your lashes, it actually stimulates growth thanks to the heavily featured ingredient, biotin. In a six-week study, 98 percent of women found that this product improved the appearance of their lashes, as well as strengthened them and made them healthier-looking.

It’s not just Markle who swears by RevitaLash — hundreds of Amazon shoppers stand firmly behind this product as their go-to lash serum.

“I waited exactly 3 months to review this, which was soooo hard bc every morning I wake up like a kid at Christmas anxious to see if my lashes are longer,” writes on reviewer. “But I gave it time to work and believe me when I tell you, this stuff is AMAZING!! I started using it after a year of professional lash extensions that essentially took all of my lashes out (they were so sparse, mascara made no difference). After three months of use, my own lashes are thicker and SUPER long (longer than they've ever been in my life). With no mascara, my lashes look great and with it, I look like I'm wearing extensions! Love it!”

Today might just be the best day ever to invest in a tube yourself, thanks to Amazon Prime Day’s massive markdown. For the next 15 hours, you can score RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner Serum for 30 percent off — the lowest we’ve ever seen it priced.

Regularly retailing at $98, this Prime Day discount brings the cult-loved product down to just $69. You’re unlikely to find it at this price again — believe us, we're paying attention — so don’t let this deal slip through your fingers.

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