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By Alexis Bennett
Updated May 31, 2019 @ 4:15 pm
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Credit: Luxy/Getty Images

No matter how many new eyelash serums pop up, Revitalash is still, hands down, the number one best-selling eyelash serum out there. And for good reason: it works. I've witnessed its power on my very own lashes. Not only did I notice longer strands, but I actually saw new hairs sprout up wherever I applied the formula. (It helps to have steady hands with this one to ensure you only apply product directly onto the lashline).

Of course, with any beauty elixir, it takes time to actually see those results — usually about a month, depending on your hair's growth cycle. But, in my opinion (and more than 200 reviewers on agree), Revitalash is still a miracle worker. The only downside is that it's somewhat of a splurge for a beauty product. A 2 milliliter tube is $98 and a 3.5 milliliter container will set you back $150.

Good news: Revitalash is hooking up readers with a 20 percent discount off of orders of $100 or more. Just make sure you use the promo code INSTYLE20 before checking out on