It massages your face, neck and eye area for a more contoured appearance.

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Raffaele Ruberto Skin
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If you’re as beauty obsessed as I am, then you most likely have an infinite number of reasons to justify the (not so) occasional skincare splurge. Perhaps you’ve exhausted the products in your daily regimen, or you’ve begun to notice unwelcome changes to your complexion that need a little boost beyond your favorite eye cream. While regular visits to the dermatologist may not be an option for most, at-home beauty devices very well can be. And since many of these tempting tools can still err on the pricey side, it helps to keep an eye out for the occasional sale (wink, wink).

Raffaele Ruberto R-Lift X-Calibur Firming and Contouring Device is a micro-massaging device that delivers a more youthful complexion instantly, and it happens to be 50 percent off at Nordstrom right now. The sleek anti-aging tool firms and lifts the skin, particularly around the eyes, neck, and cheek bones. Just turn the device on and glide the t-bar head effortlessly across your skin for 10 minutes, letting the micro-currents do their work.

This device can be the perfect handy tool before any major event or your everyday makeup application, giving you plump, healthy-looking skin in minutes. You can also run it across both your top and bottom lips for a temporary plumping effect. Since the tool claims it provides an immediate difference in the lift and plumpness of skin, it left us curious what wonders this device can do after consistent daily use, so we turned to some Nordstrom shoppers to fill us in.

“I incorporated the device into my serum routine and it immediately showed results by evening out my skin tone and texture, tightening and firming my skin, and helping with my pores,” writes one shopper. “It’s definitely an investment. If you’re spending $$$ using high-end beauty products, this device will elevate the return. I am a fan.”

Another says, “I have every tool in the industry and this is a game changer! I'm already obsessed with this brand's No. 9 R-lift face and eye serum, which gives me that glass-like finish every time I put it on...but this tool, gives me an instant lift around my entire face and jawline, and plumps my lips! I always put my skincare on first then use this for increased penetration. I swear after two weeks, it’s taken my skin to the next level!

While the beauty tool normally goes for $125 dollars, we’ve caught it just in time for a major discount. For even better results, pair the firming and contouring device with the brand’s own face and eye serum, alongside the neck and decollete serum.

R-Lift X-Calibur Firming and Contouring Device
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Shop now: $63 (Originally $125);