olive & june foot balm and cozy socks launch

This New Foot Balm Actually Leaves My Heels Baby Soft

The latest treatment from Olive & June saved my dry, cracked heels.
By Eva Thomas
Jan 12, 2021 @ 9:00 pm
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I've always been very self-conscious of my feet. Sandal season? It's my favorite, but then again, it's not my favorite because, well, bare feet. I'm prone to dry, cracked heels that get even worse in the wintertime. And after years of trial and error, I still haven't nailed down a good foot care routine (yes, it's a thing) - that is, until I recently got my hands on Olive & June's newest Slumber Party Kit that makes achieving baby-soft feet practically foolproof.

The mani and pedi geniuses at Olive & June know exactly what we need. Over the past few months, the brand has churned out countless innovative nail, hand, and foot goodies, but the Slumber Party Kit is my all-time favorite. It's cute! It's the definition of cozy! And most importantly, it works wonders on my rough feet!

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Shop now: $26; oliveandjune.com

The name in itself is already compelling. Slumber party: It pulls on my nostalgic heart strings like nothing else and takes me back to the good ol' days of hanging with friends after school, (sneaking) and snacking on too much candy, and trying out new sheet masks while dancing around in our pajamas fawning over our celebrity crushes. 

The two-piece foot care set is also über cute. The Cozy Socks come in a pretty pastel pink and are extra long (they went up to my knees when completely stretched out, but can also be rolled down for that trendy bunched-up look). Made from 100 percent high-grade cotton yarn, these socks feel like a hug for your feet. Bonus: The material is ultra-soft, warm, and totally breathable, not to mention the socks are also machine-washable.

The second component to the Slumber Party Set is… drumroll please… the heel balm. Let me tell you, this stuff does the work. It's formulated with hydrating sunflower seed wax that soothes, protects, and evens skin texture and tone and meadowfoam oil that repairs and rejuvenates. The balm comes in a stick applicator that's easy to use and totally mess-free (there's no need to get your hands dirty or sticky, like when you apply lotion and then have to do that feet-can't-touch-the-floor dance to the bathroom to wash your hands). I do enjoy massaging the balm into my feet after application, though, and even then, no sticky residue is left on my hands. Plus, I love rubbing any excess into my palms and upper hands for some added moisture there, too. 

The foot balm and cotton socks are meant to be used together; liberally apply the balm onto clean feet, allow to soak in for a bit, then slip on the pastel pink socks to lock in all the moisture (while you sleep is recommended, but you can totally do it during the day, as well - I've done both, and have gotten great results from either way).

The first time I used it, I did just as recommended and rocked the foot duo for an eight-hour-long sleep. To my surprise, I woke up with baby-soft feet. My rough, cracked heels were practically gone, and my feet were smoother and appeared more hydrated than ever. (I've applied pure coconut oil overnight and didn't get results as good as those I got from using Olive & June's Slumber Party Set.) While my socks were in the wash the next night, I decided to apply the balm on its own. Even without the cotton layer to lock in the formula's moisture, my feet felt softer, smooth, and more hydrated the following morning. 

I really like that the balm and socks are a dynamic duo, but they're just as strong on their own. I regularly wear the socks on my daily walks - they're so warm and look great bunched over a pair of leggings - and the foot balm is powerful even if you opt out of wearing socks at night. The Slumber Party Set costs $26, though you can buy the heel balm separately for $20. But if for just $6 more, you can snag a pair of pink cotton socks, and the set is definitely a better value. Shop it today for soft, smooth feet tomorrow (pinky promise).