Thanks To These Strips, You Can Wax Your Upper Lip Anywhere

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Few things in life satisfy me as much as pulling off a pore strip and examining all of the blackheads, gunk, and oil that I’ve lifted from my nose. The smooth, clean finish of freshly waxed skin comes in at a close second which is why when No Mo-Stache’s Portable Hair Removal Kit ($18; came across my radar, I canceled my dinner plans that night so I could try these no-mess facial hair waxing strips ASAP.

Unlike many other at-home kits, these strips come with the wax already painted on them so there’s no risk of skin burns from microwaving the gooey liquid and directly applying it to the area you want hairless. Instead, you simply tear the No Mo-stache’s apart, place them onto skin, and press down in the direction of your hair growth for 10 seconds before ripping them off in the opposite direction. Although they’re intended for your upper lip, the strips are the perfect size that they work on small spots of peach fuzz. The purse-friendly kit also includes a packet of soothing aloe vera cream to treat the area afterwards to prevent breakouts and redness.

Fact: Everyone has hair on their upper lips. Since I’m fortunate and mine looks minimal, I usually tweeze out any dark hairs I come across and forgo waxing. However, this attitude has changed when I’ve caught a close-up of myself in the passenger seat mirror in a car on a sunny day and my upper lip looked like a forest. Circling back to my bathroom, setting up and getting the strips on was simple. The hardest part was finding the courage deep within me to tear them off when all I anticipated was pain, but the discomfort was over in a few minutes.

The aftermath looked nothing like a crime scene. There was no blood, no tears, no redness; just a little bit of wax residue that I wiped away using a cotton pad soaked in micellar water. It also helped that I applied the treatment cream immediately following the act. Aside from the hair coming off in a single sweep, a pack of 12 strips is only $18. That works out to $1.50—considerably less than booking an appointment at your local salon. Consider it a win-win.

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