The bottle alone is enough to elevate your entire shower aesthetic.

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Credit: Instagram/Necessaire

You’ve heard of cult handbags, cult winter coats, and cult moisturizers. But have you heard of a cult body wash? Whether you think it’s a worthwhile category to rally around, “cult” is the only way to describe personal care brand Nécessaire’s impassionated following.

Since launching its keystone product, The Body Wash, in the fall of 2018, Nécessaire has transformed itself into a brand to know. Its 50k-plus Instagram followers and dedicated editor and influencer fans are a testament to just how far it’s come.

Nécessaire didn’t get here by accident. The Body Wash sets out to do more for you than drugstore options or, heaven forbid, bar soap. Unlike traditional body cleansers, The Body Wash uses oils and plant-derived surfactants to remove residue and deposit nourishing treatments like niacinamide, vitamin A, and omegas 6 and 9 to your skin. It actually bills itself as a “multi-vitamin cleanser for skin health,” and it’s not wrong.

The wash also takes into account skin sensitivities and use on intimate parts by balancing its formula’s pH at 5.5 to 6.5. All of this adds up to a wash that’s hydrating and non-irritating.

And naturally, we need to talk about the packaging. Nécessaire delivers ultra satisfying minimalism in the form of a sleek, cylindrical bottle with a twist cap opening. Eye-catching serif font graces the front, while neatly organized sans-serif on the back is helpfully informative. The bottle alone is enough to elevate your entire shower aesthetic.

Since launching its inaugural product, Nécessaire has added three other products to its lineup, and two additional scents of The Body Wash (the original is fragrance-free).

With winter — and dreaded winter skin — looming ever nearer, this might be just the solution we need for full-body hydration and banishing flakey, scaly skin for good.

Shop The Body Wash in Fragrance-Free, Eucalyptus, or Sandalwood for $25, and The Body Lotion’s fragrance-free formula also for $25 at