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Marc Jacobs Invisible Mascara
Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

I recently found myself in the chair of a very talented makeup artist. As I eagerly let her fingers moisturize, massage, and pump up the circulation in my dull winter skin, I found myself staring at her lashes. They resisted gravity and curled elegantly up toward her brows. They were clean and separated. They framed her eyes without stealing the spotlight. The longer I looked, the more I realized that I couldn’t spot a trace of ink. Her lashes weren’t goopy or spidery, and yet, she had to be wearing mascara to get them looking so defined, right?

In that moment I suddenly remembered a very ill-advised beauty trick I used to perform in my young (dumb) twenties. Because I could never find a mascara that would keep my lashes looking curled, I’d first crimp my lashes with a curler then set them by misting hairspray onto my finger and using that finger to push up my lashes and freeze them in place.

Do not try this at home. Or at work. Or at Sephora.

VIDEO: Learn the Trick to Getting Clump-free Mascara

I thought about asking this makeup artist if she’d hair-sprayed her lashes, but instead went for, “So what mascara do you use?” She smiled and said something like, ‘I don’t normally wear mascara, but this one’s called….’ And then she stalled. And then I freaked. If there was a magical formula that could do this to lashes–elongate them without clumping, curl them without weighing them down–I absolutely had to know. As she dabbed blush on my cheeks, I begged her to remember. Then, finally, an answer: “It’s Marc Jacobs. You know, that Feather one…”

A day later, I had Marc Jacobs Feather Noir Ultra Skinny Lash-Discovering Mascara ($24; sephora.com) in my hands. I shook the sleek, slender tube and pulled out one of the skinniest mascara brushes I’d ever seen. I stretched it over my lashes and within seconds they began to grow. About a minute later, I’d had the lashes I coveted, well, pretty much my whole life: They were gently swooped, defined, and weightless. The mascara looked invisible. I got up from my chair, walked down my office hallway and began telling everyone who’d listen about the “invisible” mascara I now couldn’t live without.