The action star and wellness advocate shares her routine and how she stays motivated.

Maggie Q
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From growing up as an athlete to doing her own stunts in Hollywood, actress Maggie Q has always been devoted to her health. However, after multiple injuries and issues with her gut, Q was motivated to make a change. Instead of HIT workouts and crazy circuits, she shifted to a more holistic approach to wellness and focused on repairing her body from the inside out. Fast forward to now, Q is not only a fan of holistic health, but a leader in the space, with a goal to educate and empower. Here are a few of her go-to tips and tricks for owning your wellness routine.

Move Together

Struggling to work out at home? Find your motivation: "I've always been more inspired by crowd energy," Q says. "You are more inspired when you feed off other people in class." So she logs onto, which connects people with live yoga classes and over 100 teachers.

Check Yourself

Are you taking supplements because you think they're good for you or because you know they are? "Ask your doctor to test your vitamin and mineral levels," Q says. See what you're deficient in, then supplement accordingly. "Otherwise, you're shooting in the dark."

Maggie Q
Q, founder of sustainable clothing brand Qeep Up, in her label's activewear with her dog, Romeo.
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Stop to Recharge

Slowing down is essential, but some meditation apps are too esoteric for Q: "I don't want someone talking about star alignments; I need more direction." Her fave? Research-backed uses different types of music to ease the mind into a desired state, like calm or focused.

Trust Your Gut

In her 20s, Q saw a doctor for general physical discomfort and discovered a problem: "He said, 'You're not absorbing nutrients.' "So she learned the importance of gut health and teamed up with Dr. Frank Lipman, an expert in integrative medicine, to launch Activated You. The line of plant-based ingestible aids digestion (Activated You Morning Complete, $79;

Maggie Q
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