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This Is the Only Dry Shampoo I’ve Ever Actually Wanted to Use
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I wash my hair every day and it’s woefully apparent when I occasionally skip the shampoo. My hair is thin and, like Cinderella’s magical carriage turning back into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, it becomes oily almost exactly after 24 hours after each wash.

And before you say it, friends and hair stylists have already suggested cutting back on washing my hair to train it against impending oily build-up, and to them I say, “no, thank you.” I feel the most confident after a fresh wash, and my few attempts to reduce shampoo use have been futile. So on the rare occurrence when I’m forced to skip a wash due to a busy day or a poorly timed workout, I’m left with dry shampoo as my only salvation from a day of limp, stringy hair sticking to my scalp.

I’ve experimented with a variety of brands over the years, using everything from cult-favorite Batiste dry shampoo and custom dry shampoo from Prose to actual baby powder — anything in the name of good hair, right? But the only bottle I’ve actually reached for more than a few times isn’t from a hair care brand at all. The dry shampoo that won over my heart (and hair) is Lululemon’s No-Show Dry Shampoo.

Its invisible solution sprays on without leaving behind any visible residue, and it smells delightfully refreshing. Like most dry shampoos, it works best after a good shaking and when sprayed at the roots from a distance of about six to eight inches. I like to lift my hair in sections to spray and massage the formula into my hair as I go, giving my strands a solid tousle.

Afterwards, my roots instantly look more volumized and my whole head smells like I just left the salon, which is probably thanks to the various fruit extracts, including apricot, apple, and peach, listed among the ingredients. The dry shampoo also contains green and brown algae for oil production control, tapioca starch to absorb oil, and argan oil to reduce frizziness and promote soft, healthy hair.

It’s not exactly as good as a fresh wash, but it gets the job done in a pinch. And, at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, my bad hair days may never be the same thanks to this handy little spray.

Lululemon Selfcare No-Show Dry Shampoo
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Shop now: $18–$34; lululemon.com and sephora.com