By Alexis Bennett
Updated Jul 17, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
Credit: kourtneykardash/instagram

It's obvious that Kourtney Kardashian is all about eating healthy and working out. But when it comes to posing naked, the 38-year-old says that it's really all about taking good care of your skin. And on her app and website, she revealed her clever secret for scoring a head-to-toe glow.

"I have a bunch of great face creams that I've bought or been given as gifts from friends," Kardashian explains. Sadly, she can't always use all of the products since her skin is sensitive. But that doesn't mean she lets them go to waste. "What I've been doing lately, is taking these creams and serums and using them on my body," Kardashian says. "I'll mix the serums with thick face moisturizers. I will also mix together eye creams, body oils." One of her favorites is vitamin-E oil, which she also uses to nourish her eyelashes.

With any beauty regimen, consistency is key. So this clever tip is a part of the mother of three's daily routine. "If my skin is really dry and I have time, I'll do this twice a day, instead of just once," Kardashian reveals.

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And when she wants to give her skin even more TLC, Kardashian turns to natural exfoliants made from charcoal, lemon, and coffee. "I've been using ones from Get Dirtea," Kardashian says. "[And] I have special exfoliating mitts I use to get rid of dead skin." And yes, Kardashian also recycles her face scrubs, since they work just as great on the body, too.