This Rose Toner Diminishes Pores and Fine Lines

Shoppers Say This Calming Toner Completely Erases Pores and Fine Lines

They call it "liquid gold," but it only costs $25.
By Eva Thomas
Updated Feb 06, 2021 @ 10:55 am
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As much as we'd love to look like the airbrushed models in magazine spreads, it's just not possible. We have pores! We have fine lines! We have imperfections! And that's okay. But finding a good skincare routine — which means incorporating essentials like a cleanser, a moisturizer, a toner, sunscreen, and a vitamin C serum of some sort — is still key in keeping your skin looking its absolute best

With thousands of products to pick from in all of the aforementioned categories, it can understandably feel overwhelming. Moisturizers run the gamut, from drugstore favorites to luxe creams that'll cost you thousands, and the same can be said about toner: an important skincare staple that's often overlooked. So when we stumbled upon a toner shoppers compared to "liquid gold" without the price of, well, gold, we couldn't wait to read more.

The calming toner in question is Kopari's Coconut Calming Rose Toner. Its price? A reasonable $25 for a sustainably sized 5.1 ounce bottle. With a whopping 4.8-star rating from hundreds of reviews who agree it's "the best ever" to back it up, this hydrating toner is worth a try if you're struggling with adult acne, noticeably clogged pores, dry (or oily) skin, or fine lines, or if you simply want to start incorporating one into your daily routine.

Kopari toner
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The do-it-all toner is made with delicious-for-your-skin ingredients like an alcohol-free witch hazel that soothes and re-balances, rose and lavender extract that reduce redness and ward off blemishes, and hyaluronic acid that hydrates, boosts firmness, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. Do a little spritz spritz spritz before applying your moisturizer, and your skin will feel more refreshed and look glowier than ever. As for your pores and wrinkles? Those will be less visible for sure. 

"I read through a lot of reviews before purchasing. One of the [reviews] I read said 'life-changing' and I thought, 'oh that's a little dramatic, but let's give it a shot.' Here I am to say that it has totally changed the skin on my face," wrote one customer. "My pores are tighter. My skin actually appears more moisturized. Even my smile lines look a little more soft."

The toner is so good, in fact, it's even won over those wary of its purpose.

"So at first I was skeptical about why I even needed a face toner. It seemed a little unnecessary and subpar to something essential like a moisturizer," wrote another reviewer. "But now I use [the Rose Toner] everyday before using the Coconut Face Cream, and I can't live without it! It is so refreshing, and I feel like my pores are so clean and tightened after just a few sprays."

We might not be able to achieve a photoshopped complexion IRL, but with Kopari's Coconut Calming Rose Toner, we can get pretty close. Shop it for $25 and watch those pores and fine lines vanish.