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Credit: Serena Becker

Sure, they may look like your run-of-the-mill dryer sheets that keep your laundry from turning into a giant ball of static, but consider these Deodorizing Hair Brush Liners by Japanese skincare brand Mirai Clinical the new, weird way to keep second (or even third, no judgement) day hair fresh and clean.

The liners are infused with natural persimmon extract, a potent antioxidant derived from the vibrant orange flower that’s traditionally used in Japan for its purifying and deodorizing qualities, and will keep any funky hair odors (like fried food or cigarette smoke) at bay whenever you brush your mane in-between washes.

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As if that isn’t reason enough to celebrate with a Shake Shack meal, the heavy-duty mesh liners that are made from natural cotton fibers also keep your brush squeaky clean too. Instead of neglecting the fallen strands that collect on your brush, the hair and any product residue gets wiped away when you take off the sheet. Watch your back dry shampoo. Pick up a pack of 30 sheets for $6 at