Beauty editor Kahlana Barfield Brown couldn't find the "perfect, sexy, wispy" lashes she wanted, so she created them.

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Huda Beauty Kahlana #21 False Eyelases
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Close your eyes and picture the prettiest set of eyelashes you've ever seen. A little extra length and some fullness without being blatant falsies might sound impossible, but I'm here to let you know that dream is about to become a reality, thanks to our beauty fairy godmother, Huda Kattan.

Huda Beauty teamed up with Kahlana Barfield Brown, former InStyle Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large, who is now a television correspondent and creative consultant, to create the perfect "natural glam" false eyelashes.

This isn't your average falsie, people. The Kahlana #21 ($21; actually mimics real eyelashes with a 3-D layer of fibers: the ultimate wispy. And the best part: If you're like me and are still struggling to learn how to create perfectly winged eyeliner, that's totally fine because these babies have flared corners that will give the illusion of lifted eyes, too.

“It was so refreshing to me to be partnering with a major brand who values inclusion and diversity in beauty,” says Barfield Brown in a statement. “They understand representation matters and I respect them for it!"

The Kahlana falsies are the final lash in the Huda Beauty collaboration series, which included false lashes designed by Jacqueline Fernandez, Olivia Culpo, and Lottie Tomlinson earlier this year. But Kahlana says her collaboration with the billion-dollar beauty brand was totally different. "I was coming from a different space in the industry, having worked for years in editorial," she explains. "But they knew and respected my work as a beauty editor and loved that I brought something different to the table."

Creating that editor-approved false eyelash didn't happen over night. "We went back and forth for over a year to design the perfect, sexy, wispy lash, and we made sure we didn’t stop until it was flawless,” Barfield Brown says.

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If you're even thinking about grabbing the Kahlana #21 lash, you might want to head over to Sephora right now because its only a matter of time before they sell out.

Huda x Kahlana #21 false lash
Credit: Courtesy