All you need is faith, trust...and falsies are a must. Oh yeah, and pixie dust. 

By Megan Kennedy
Updated Jun 28, 2016 @ 9:15 am
Credit: Courtesy of House of Lashes

If you didn't play enough dress up as a kid, now's your chance to have eyelashes like Tinker Bell's on the reg. House of Lashes has launched a brand new 3-piece collection inspired by one of your favorite characters from Peter Pan. Yep, Tink.

Each individual design found its inspo from Disney's beloved Tinker Bell (AKA who you dressed up as for Halloween when you were 10) and the need for pixie-perfect lashes, of course.

Credit: Courtesy of House of Lashes

Like we mentioned before, the collection comes with three different lash styles: Neverland (for the natural look), Just Wing It (a more dramatic, multi-layered design), and Forever Tink (a cross weaved design, which is a little extra magical).

Each pair of lashes rings up to about 15 bucks each, and you can even buy Tinker Bell eyelash adhesive for 10 bucks. It's totally floral scented, btw.

This isn't the first Disney beauty moment we've been freaking out over recently. One beauty vlogger basically made herself into an IRL Dory in a recent YouTube video, and another makeup artist presented us with a Captain Jack Sparrow transformation that will totally blow your mind.

Credit: Courtesy of House of Lashes

The fairy life is the only life for us.