It’s made by the youngest woman of color to ever be stocked in Sephora.

By Laura Reilly
Updated May 02, 2019 @ 4:30 pm
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Beauty is on the inside, and it turns out, everyone knows it. Why else would an innovative wellness tonic that promises to make your skin glow while it relieves stress sell out in just three days?

Such is the case with Golde’s latest product, Cacao Golde, which sold out from Sephora almost immediately after hitting shelves. The tonic, which is actually a powder that can be added to hot water or milk, contains health and beauty-boosting ingredients like coconut milk powder, turmeric, cacao, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper.

These ingredients (all of which are organic), have been demonstrated to heal and balance from the inside out — cacao de-stresses while turmeric provides that sought-after glow. But it’s not some hard pill to swallow or a drink that leaves a funky aftertaste. According to reviews, it actually tastes amazing.

“LOVE THIS STUFF,” writes one Sephora buyer. “It's delicious and really hits the spot when I'm craving something rich and creamy — I love preparing this with coconut milk or whole milk.”

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Golde, though, is its founder. Trinity Mouzon Wofford started her company in 2017 based in a belief that wellness should be achievable. Less than two years later, 26-year-old Wofford became the youngest woman of color to launch a brand at Sephora.

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