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Cyber Monday was a wild ride. Amazon had its biggest shopping day in company history, and Nordstrom and Walmart kept their sales going for a full week, if not longer. But it wasn’t just the major multi-brand retailers that had a doozy of post-Thanksgiving shop-a-thon.

Foreo, known for its best-selling Luna facial exfoliator, electric toothbrush, and other beauty and personal care devices, experienced site-crashing traffic — and a $10-million loss. When the brand opened the digital floodgates to its sale this past holiday weekend, so many visitors rushed to the site at once that the platform went haywire.

The Foreo team got things back up and running pretty quickly, but what they didn’t notice was that the sale price on one of its biggest-ticket items, the UFO, was marked down from $279 to just $9.90. Word spread around beauty forums like wildfire, and 38,575 people bought the device before the brand caught the pricing error.

The $260 price discrepancy is a very big deal, and that’s because the technology that goes into these advanced skincare tools is not cheap. UFO, which is shaped like a pressed-powder compact, is designed to super-charge your masking experience. Accompanying mask inserts are nested into the device’s top cartridge, and a smart system below aids ingredient penetration through heating, cooling, and vibrating settings.

Maybe Foreo has a good sense of humor, because it’s taken the massive blow to its profits as an opportunity to offer its customers even more savings. If you weren’t one of the thousands of people who scored on this baffling price glitch (which the company has said it would honor), you can still get this device for an unreal discount. Through the end of day today, you can buy the UFO for 50 percent off.

Shop the Foreo UFO discount that’s the next-best thing to a price glitch for $140 at

Foreo UFO Smart Mask
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Shop now: $140 (Originally $279);