By Laura Reilly
Updated Jan 02, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
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Waking up for work after being out of office for two blissful weeks of winter break can be… jarring, to say the least. Disheveled hair, pillowcase impressions on your cheek, a deep grogginess that not even two cups of coffee can lift — we get it.

While we might not be able to solve that “I’m basically sleepwalking” morning feeling, those other two gripes don’t have to be the things that set your tone for the day.

The cult of the silk pillowcase is strong, and we know the literature around them can be a little hyperbolic. They won’t defer the aging process indefinitely, nor will they replace a basic skincare routine (seriously, there’s no excuse for not taking your makeup off at night). But, to be fair, they do offer a ton of benefits that you won’t find in any other single product.

Here’s a list of amazing things that a silk pillowcase can do: Prevent skin pulling during sleep. Eradicate sleep creases on your face. Help maintain skin moisture. Reduce hair frizziness overnight. Reduce hair breakage. Maintain hair moisture. Give you better second day-hair, which means more time to sleep in the next morning (which means more beauty rest!). Be the cool side of the pillow, always.

And the slip Pure Silk Pillowcase is easily the most fabulous of all silk pillowcases. Made of a weighty natural silk, this case outlasts competitors that suffer with frequent wash or wear, or use non-silk satin materials that fall apart easily.


To buy: $68 (Originally $85);

It has a perfect five-star rating on Dermstore from reviewers who gush about how this product has helped their rosacea, or tamed their chronic bird’s nest, or even just provided a little bit of luxury each morning and night.

Even though slip pillowcases rarely go on sale (they’re in such high demand they don’t really need to), you can buy one for 20 percent off at Dermstore’s New Year Sale happening right now. Just use code SILVER at checkout.

The sale ends January 7, but we can’t say how long these cases will be in stock. Chances are they’ll sell out quickly, considering this once-in-a-lifetime sale. Shop the pillowcases here while inventory lasts.