It also minimizes wrinkles while enhancing your face’s natural features.

By Maya Gandara
Updated Apr 27, 2020 @ 3:30 pm
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Odacite Gua Sha Crystal Tool
Credit: odacite/Instagram

If you haven’t heard all the buzz around the facial massage ritual, Gua Sha, then you will soon. Though the contouring skincare tool has only recently skyrocketed into popularity, the ancient practice stems from traditional Chinese medicine and boasts many benefits, like reducing inflammation, stimulating blood flow, and promoting overall skin healing. While the beauty tool almost sounds like another skincare fad, I was optimistic in seeing if the chatter around the booming technique carried any truth — spoiler: It did.

The crystal tool must be paired with a thick, hydrating oil or serum to effortlessly glide the hand-carved edges across the skin's surface, avoiding any excessive tugging. I began the process by slathering on Odacite’s All-Embracing Serum before working all sides of the rose quartz crystal in upward strokes from the center of my face across my cheeks, forehead, smile lines, and jaw. You’ll likely see redness or even slight bruising appear like I did, but take solace in knowing that means the process is working it’s magic. The tool smooths away wrinkles while enhancing the natural contours of the face, and after one use I could feel all the tension in my face and neck melting away.

Odacite Gua Sha Rose Quartz Tool
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The enclosed instructions recommend running the stone under hot water to warm it up before beginning the massage. End the ritual by dropping the stone into ice water for a couple minutes before running across your skin to de-puff and soothe. I even placed it around my eyes to minimize any puffiness or dark circles. After using the sculpting tool daily for a week now, I’m quite impressed with how relaxed my face feels, overall beginning to look clearer and more balanced. The progress I’m already seeing after just implementing this into my regimen is telling of even better results to come. It's fool-proof and effective, and the perfect self-care ritual to perform before falling into a deep sleep, awakening to youthful, brighter skin.

Odacite carries two other Gua Sha crystals — abundance attracting Green Aventurine, and peace restoring Blue Sodalite. Along with the Rose Quartz, you can get each stone for $45, and begin sculpting your way towards healthier skin through stimulating massages.

Odacite Gua Sha Green Averturine
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Odacite Gua Sha Blue Sodalite Tool
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