Thank you, Chris Appleton and Color Wow.

By Erin Lukas
Mar 05, 2021 @ 5:54 pm
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The secret to Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Dua Lipa's impossibly shiny, soft, expensive-looking hair isn't just money. All three celebs have hairstylist Chris Appleton on speed dial.

Appleton is the reason why you look to J.Lo's signature loose waves for inspiration whenever you curl your hair, and why you consider getting a blunt bob every time Kardashian chops her hair off.

But when he's not busy servicing A-listers, Appleton serves as Color Wow's global creative director.

And while I always thought scrolling through Appleton's Instagram feed is the closest I'd ever get to J.Lo-level shine, the stylist's first product created in collaboration Color Wow has proven me wrong.

It turns out, it takes just $45 to get super glossy, silky hair like the stylist's celeb clients. The Chris Appleton + Color Wow Money Masque is a in-shower treatment that gives you expensive-looking hair in just three minutes (plus a blow dry).

The rich, creamy mask is powered by marine actives from the Mediterranean, plus vegetable proteins. While these ingredients bind broken keratin to strengthen damaged strands, they also work to smooth the cuticle for a softer texture, and deeply hydrate hair for instant shine.

Appleton and Color Wow designed the formula to be used on all hair textures and it's safe for color-treated hair. The sea blue mask also has a fresh, slightly floral scent, which I chalk up to the marine ingredients.

Chris Appleton Color Wow Hair Mask Review
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To shop: $45;

I was impressed with this mask before I even got out of the shower because I could feel my hair getting softer as I rinsed it out. And I still couldn't get over the results after blowing it out. My hair was ridiculously shiny, smooth, and it didn't feel flat or weighed down — as someone with straight hair, this is an issue I often have with thick hydrating treatments.

Seriously, it felt like I was running my fingers through fake hair. I imagine this is what J.Lo, Kim, and Dua experience whenever they get out of Appleton's chair. Lucky them!

It's been two days since I used the Money mask and my hair feels just as soft — and that's priceless.

Good to Go used to be the column where we'd share the beauty products we can't travel without. But while travel's off the table, we'll be focusing on products that make us feel good in quarantine. This month, why I'm obsessed with Chris Appleton + Color Wow's Money Masque.