5,000 people swear by this unassuming eyelash tool.

By Laura Reilly
Updated May 15, 2019 @ 11:30 am
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I’ll never forget the first time I curled my eyelashes. I was on set getting my makeup done for a cute, non-model modelling shoot, when the makeup artist handed me a curler and told me it would be easier if I curled my own lashes. The novice that I was, I not only pinched my lid, but I managed to yank out a couple of tiny hairs along the way.

Ouch, yes. But after I had my “learning experience” and she applied a coat of mascara, I looked into the mirror and was straight up astounded. Those were seriously my eyelashes? Mine?? My typically stubby hairs had been transformed into leggy lashes, long enough to bat a cartoon into a visible heartbeat.

Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for a curler that can give me that same lash lift-effect without making me feel like I’m plucking out every single follicle with each use. Naturally, I’m not the only person searching for a solution, and it turns out thousands of Amazon shoppers think they’ve found the holy grail.

Amazon’s Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler has over 5,000 near-perfect reviews from buyers who swear by it for a painless, perfectly shaped lash. The curved, padded clamps fit a wide range of eye shapes and gently mold the lash without tugging it from its root. Ultra-fans of this curler can’t believe how much lift it provides their lashes.

“In short — I have tried many, MANY eyelash curlers,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “I'm 42 and have been curling mine since I was 13. So that's 29 years of experience! I love this curler. I am between lash lift perms and wanted something to give me a good strong curl and this has been great. I would easily compare it to curlers that are double the price. They have excellent service as well and DO offer replacement pads. I should also add that my lashes are completely straight and very thick, so I really appreciate a good curler.”

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“I've been using this every day since I purchased it and it really holds a curl — EVEN WITHOUT MASCARA,” writes another. “I follow the instructions and curly 2-3 times through my lashes and they look permed.”

The cult-loved curler comes in three colors — platinum, prism, and rose gold — and comes with two silicone refill pads, plus a lifetime warranty.

Shop the eyelash curler that Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of for just $9 to $10 on Amazon.


To buy: $9–10; amazon.com