Something we all could use this summer.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated Jun 21, 2019 @ 1:00 pm
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

I've pretty much mastered my eyebrow routine by now, but I've never quite figured out how to keep it from smudging during hot, sticky summer months. Well, that's until I watched Beyonce's longtime makeup artist Sir John spill the tea on his sweat-proof eyebrow secret during a YouTube tutorial with Makeup Shayla.

Believe it or not, Sir keeps a tube of wig glue in his makeup bag. No, not Got2b. The brand he uses is Pros-Aide ($13;, an adhesive that's also used by special effects makeup artists. "Brow gels are great. Soap is OK. But I have a client who likes to dance and move and she jumps in the water often," Sir explains in the video. I think we all know exactly who that is. "So I had to find waterproof techniques," Sir continues. "This is a sweat-proof, water-resistant brow [alternative]. But it washes off so easily with soap and water."

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In the video, you can see the pro fill in Shayla's brows first with a pencil. Then he adds a small amount of the lace-front glue on to a spooli.

"You ever meet anyone who's going through chemo or battling with hair loss, this will also give you a really beautiful texture to draw on top of," Sir explains. "So if you don't have any brows or you over-tweezed in the '90 or early 2000s, this works as a base and gives it a hairlike texture, too."