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Teeth Whitening
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A bright-white smile is sexy, sure. But the means by which it’s achieved are decidedly, well, not. Dentist visits can be costly and crazy-painful, since the high intensity of bleaching agents can cause sensitivity. And at-home strips require time and fuss. GLO Science combined the best of both to create a light-powered at-home device that’s both pain- and fuss-free—and offers results almost instantly.

BUY: GLO Science GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device, $220; sephora.com

The kit consists of blue-light infused mouthpiece on which the user is to spread whitening gel (which comes included in the form of ten “single-serve” vials) before switching to “on.” Pop it in, kick back, and let the light do its thing. Unlike other devices, it’s totally hands-free, so you can get back to work, Snapchatting, you name it. A single eight-minute session visibly brightened (yes, really!) and after five simultaneous days of use, the results rivaled that of in-office treatments.

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Wins for: Appearance, Ease, and Results

Noteworthy Features:

  • No-mess application
  • Complementary lip treatment included
  • System stores away neatly in case

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