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Willfully inserting needles into your face in the name of skincare is rightfully intimidating, so giving yourself your own microneedling treatment at home probably sounds terrifying. However, using the right at-home device is a cost-effective alternative to in-office microneedling, and will be just as successful at minimizing signs of aging and dark spots. While there’s a number of dermarollers you can order online at a vast range of prices, none quite compare to our pick, GloPro’s Microstimulation Facial Tool, for its sleekness and incomparable results.

BUY: GloPro Microstimulation Facial Tool, $199; neimanmarcus.com

Just like its counterparts (StackedSkincare's Micro-Roller, $30 and Ora's Microneedle Face Roller, $20, to cite a couple), the GloPro glides over areas of concern like wrinkles and acne scars, puncturing them to gently exfoliate and promote skin cell turnover. Expect to feel only a minor discomfort that lingers for a few minutes. But, what sets it apart from other the manual rollers is its stimulation-boosting anti-inflammatory LED red light, vibration, and the additional body and eye attachment heads you can purchase separately. Once you get over your fear of needles, expect to see tighter, clearer skin after using the GloPro just three to five times a week.

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Wins for: Functionality, Ease of Use, Affordability

Noteworthy Features:

  • Includes HydraGLO Serum
  • Power supply cord & adaptor for battery
  • Red LED light
  • VibroTactile Stimulation

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