Say goodbye to unwanted hair. 

By Rebecca Carhart
Jul 16, 2020 @ 1:48 pm
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ECOMM: Best At-Home Waxing Kits
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It can be a process to find the right hair removal treatment. Shaving and hair removal creams may be painless, but the results don’t last very long, and while laser hair removal provides permanent results, it can be very costly. Luckily, you can find a happy medium between the two with at-home waxing kits.

These handy kits will remove unwanted hair for weeks at a time at a much cheaper price point than professional salon treatments. Of course, no at-home hair removal treatment sounds more daunting than waxing, but with the right kit, it doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. 

The kits in stores now come with everything you need to make waxing a smooth, easy, and relatively painless process. Many waxes are now infused with nourishing ingredients so that your skin won't get irritated, while others come in pre-made strips that you can easily remove without unwanted mess.

To help you find the best waxing kit for your needs, we scoured through hundreds of reviews from shoppers to see which ones they say work the best. From an easy-to-use microwaveable waxing kit to waxing strips to a wax that’s specially formulated for the sensitive bikini area, we’ve rounded up the seven waxing kits that customers praise for easy hair removal at home.

These are the best at-home waxing kits: 

Best for Face: Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face, & Lip Waxing Kit

Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit
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Looking to remove unwanted facial hair? Hundreds of Amazon shoppers recommend this Sally Hansen wax, which is specially formulated to be gentle enough to use on your face. Along with the microwaveable wax, the strip-free kit comes with a small spatula that helps you target small areas like your upper lip and eyebrows. Also included in the kit is a post-wax cream to reduce redness and three brow guides that will help you shape your eyebrows perfectly. “This is my favorite facial wax,” said one customer. “Not harsh, does not hurt, leaves skin feeling soft. Gets all the difficult hairs. It’s so easy to use. Two minutes in the microwave and you are ready to go.”

Shop now: $6;

Best for Bikini: Nads Brazilian and Bikini Wax

Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit
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This Nads waxing kit is strong enough to remove thick, coarse hairs, but also gentle enough for use on sensitive areas like your bikini line. Amazon customers are fans of the hard wax formula, which is hypoallergenic and infused with sweet almond oil to prevent irritation. But their favorite part seems to be the fact that the wax has a delicious mango and peach scent. “Waxing is a pain, but of all the at home, affordable products I’ve used, this is my favorite. Takes some practice to get the timing right, but all around it works the best of anything I’ve tried, while inflicting the least amount of pain. Also, the smell is really pleasant.”

Shop now: $15;

Best for Body: Flamingo The Body Wax Kit

Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit
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These Flamingo waxing strips work so well, one InStyle editor said they made her “actually enjoy waxing.” Each kit comes with 24 wax strips in varying sizes and six post-wax cloths that are covered in almond oil to soothe skin and remove any excess wax. Not only are the pre-made strips extremely easy to use, but they can also be reused a few times to remove any remaining stray hairs. At $10 a box, we would consider this at-home waxing kit a steal, especially since our editor said it left her with skin feeling “baby dolphin” soft. 

Shop now: $10;

Best for Beginners: Gigi At-Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit

Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit
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If you’ve never waxed yourself before, you should consider investing in a kit for beginners like this option from Gigi. The easy-to-use set comes with everything a waxing novice would need, including a wax warmer, all-purpose wax, a pre-epilation cleanser, a pre-epilation powder, an argan oil hair minimizer, wax strips, and applicators. “This was everything I was hoping it would be,” raved one reviewer. “Super easy to use, great results! I’m glad I got this kit because it has everything you need to get started!”

Shop now: $50;

Best Strips: Sally Hansen Hair Remover Kit

Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit
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Sally Hansen is the best-selling wax brand in America for a reason. Its popular Hair Remover Kit comes with 30 pre-made wax strips that shoppers say are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is rub the strips between your hands to warm up the wax, separate the strips, and then place them on your desired patch of undesired hair. Once you remove the strip by pulling against the grain, you’ll have smooth, hairless skin for up to eight weeks. “I bought these to use on my legs. They were surprisingly much less painful than I expected, and I am very pleased with how easy they were to use and how efficiently they worked. My legs are very smooth, and I didn’t experience any irritation or redness,” wrote one shopper.

Shop now: $7;

Best No-Strip Wax: Bliss Poetic Waxing Hair Removal Kit

Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit
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Customers love that Bliss’s at-home wax is a bright shade of blue — they can easily see where it is being applied and if they missed any spots when removing it. The no-strip waxing kit can be heated up in a microwave in just three minutes, and it comes with a spatula for easy application and a pre- and post-waxing oil that helps soothe skin. Plus, the wax itself is infused with chamomile oil to prevent any redness or irritation. “Once I got the hang of it it worked really well,” wrote one customer. “The oil provided left my skin very soft. It was as good as the salon and I had more control of the finished effect.”

Shop now: $23;

Best Professional Kit: Lansley Waxing Kit 

Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit
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If you’re looking for a professional-grade kit, consider this option by Lansley. It comes with everything you need to do a salon-worthy wax at home, and the hard wax is safe to use on both your face and body. It’s no wonder the at-home waxing kit has earned itself a near-perfect rating from over 2,500 customer reviews on Amazon. “This product is great. Commercial quality and works exactly like it is supposed to,” said one shopper. “I am very familiar with professional skin waxing. This product DOES NOT disappoint when it comes to full body hair removal! All of my girlfriends have ordered theirs since I received mine! If you are sick of pesky body hair, please order this wax kit. Very affordable and effective!”

Shop now: $43 (originally $50);