It’s fast, painless, and completely sanitary.
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I’d give up Netflix, rosé, and looking at pictures of round animals to never have to pluck the constantly reappearing stray hairs on my chin, neck, and upper lip again. And believe me, I don’t say that lightly.

For as common as facial hair is on women, we almost never talk about it, let alone actively pursue improved solutions over time-consuming tweezing and painful waxing. But it turns out, you don’t have to make a deal with the devil to find an easier way (phew).

In the midst of an aimless Amazon click-around sesh — you know the ones — I stumbled upon a tool called the Bellabe Facial Hair Remover. In short, it’s a metal coil, kind of like a spring you’d find in an old-timey mattress. Except the Bellabe tool isn’t designed to give you a better night’s sleep, it’s the quickest, safest, and most painless way to get rid of facial hair.

Here’s how it works: You grab the coil by the plastic handles at either end, bend it into a U-shape, and then, with the center arch facing upwards and the coil flat against your skin, you twist. This action was a little hard to visualize until I read one commenter likening the act to “playing with a handlebar mustache.”

With a few turns, the coil easily and gently picks up everything from the finest peach fuzz to the wiriest mole hairs in its path. If you’ve been known to look inside the tissue after you blow your nose, or watch the occasional Dr. Pimple Popper video (it’s biological!) you’ll definitely derive satisfaction seeing all of the freshly plucked follicles sticking out from the coil’s grip. Seriously, I spent way too long looking through the user submitted photos of their hair removal wins.

The coil can do in ten seconds what it takes tweezers five minutes to accomplish. It sweeps up all the little invisible hairs that waxing does, except with no sticky, potentially irritating chemicals touching your skin. The closest thing I can liken it to is threading, but so, so, so much easier to do at home.

The other unexpected benefit of using the coil for hair removal is how relatively painless it is. “Despite the fact that you are basically plucking a lot of the hair out at one time, I found this to not be very painful,” writes one reviewer. “This quite surprised me honestly. Even plucking my eyebrows will make my eyes water. This felt almost like my skin was being pinched. No where near the level of pain that you feel after plucking or waxing! When I pluck with tweezers, I oftentimes have to take breaks. With this product, I was able to do all of the hair within minutes without any issues or even the thought of taking a break.”

One thing we’ll cede, though, is that you might not want to let this tool near your brows. While the coil is amazing for clearing out large areas of hair, it’s not exactly a precision tool — let’s avoid another overplucking epidemic like we had in the early aughts.

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