It’s sharp enough to get the job done, yet gentle enough to handle the most sensitive skin.

By Maya Gandara
Jul 10, 2020 @ 12:01 pm
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Athena Club Razor
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I’ve always viewed my razors as nothing special; a tool to simply get the job done. I’d grab something inexpensive from the drugstore, and after a few nicks and cuts, end with an okay shave that wasn’t perfect, but merely good enough. After upgrading to better options over the years, I came increasingly closer to a flawless shaving experience with one razor. I thought I had finally found the one — that is, until I tried one more. Enter: Athena Club’s Razor Kit.

The razor kit arrives in a sleek box, and everything from the packaging to the non-slip handle feels more expensive than just $9. With two five-blade cartridges, one ergonomic handle, and a magnetic hook for hanging it in your shower, you truly get the most out of your purchase from the get-go. Designed with a curved handle, sharp patented blades, and both shea butter and a special water-activated serum, it glides effortlessly with no skin harmed in the process.

You can count on little to no razor burn, and it can even be used without the aid of shaving cream on the most sensitive skin. Each skin-smoothing blade provides the closest shave imaginable, with no need to run it back over the same spot twice.

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Shop now: $9;

Have your choice between six different color options, and customize your deliveries based on your personal shaving needs. Opt to receive replacement blades every three months at just $3 per blade, eight blades every six months at $2.50 per blade, or 12 blades every nine months at $2.25 per blade. Whichever delivery option you choose, your initial box will cost just $9 to start.

I also can’t recommend perusing the additional bodycare products Athena Club has to offer enough. The plant-based All Day Deo has been my go-to aluminum-free deodorant this summer and, when paired with the razor kit, makes for the ultimate body care duo.

Grab an Athena Club razor today, and you’ll be on your way to a buttery, smooth shave every time you step in the shower — trust me, it’s that good.