Rose Quartz Roller - Lead
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Full disclosure: Though I've sung the praises of microcurrent skin-tighteners and turbo-charged hair dryers on this very site, my all-time favorite beauty tool is the humble jade roller. Picture a paint roller with jade instead of absorbent sponge, and that's exactly what is—no bells and whistles here. But roll it around your face, and you'll see why it's magic: The movement—in combination with the cooling effects of the stone—both soothes and depuffs.

So when I went for a facial with celebrity aesthetician Angela Caglia, I didn't think twice when I felt that familiar rolling sensation across my face. But, as a roving beauty reporter, I needed verbal confirmation: "Is that a jade roller?" To my surprise, she answered, "Nope!" In fact, it was a rose quartz roller.

VIDEO: Face Rollers vs. Gua Sha

While, sure, the massage it provides is the same, if you're remotely into crystal healing (or a die-hard fan à la Spencer Pratt), you know rose quartz emits strong vibrations of love and comfort. And whose skin doesn't want that?

To keep the good vibes going, Caglia is retailing the roller on her site,, for $65. If you ask me, it's a small price to pay for 88 grams of pure rose quartz-induced zen. Oh, and it makes for a great #shelfie shot, too.