Reiki Laser Treatment - Lead
Credit: Wavebreak Media/Getty

From light-therapy beds to non-surgical facelifts, we’re living in the golden age of beauty treatments. And, if you ask me, laser hair removal is the shiniest, most game-changing innovation of ‘em all. Before I got my bikini line zapped, I spent half my life operating on ingrowns and/or scouring the internet for Walgreens promo codes. (Seriously, why do razors cost so much?) These days, after a six-part series of laser hair removal sessions, I’m hairless and fancy-free.

But there was pain involved. Ohhh, was there pain involved.

So when I heard the good folks over at N.Y.C’s Floating Lotus were getting their clients the same hair-free results minus the ouch factor, I was intrigued. Did they have access to some kind of space-age, pain-free laser? Nope—turns out their methodology is quite the opposite. They combine reiki—the centuries-old healing technique—with modern laser hair removal for a totally zen experience.

“I noticed so many of my clients felt anxiety related to laser hair removal,” says Jackie Itzkowitz, co-founder of Floating Lotus. As both a certified laser hair removal specialist and a reiki practitioner, Itzkowitz eventually realized combining her two areas of expertise could solve this literal pain point for clients.

Before the treatment, Itzkowitz gives a standard consult. But then, things start to go down a little differently than they might at your run-of-the-mill medispa. Says Itzkowitz: "I light sage, a clearing technique to get rid of negative energy. I then put some essential oils in my palms; I pick one based on my intuition, and hold my hands up to their nose so they can breathe in. Then I put my hand on their shoulders and have them take in a few deep breaths, with relaxing music playing in the background. Then, I place my hands on various areas of the body depending on what my intuition tells me. After about 10 minutes or so, I light sage again, turn on the laser, and slowly tell the client to open their eyes. I give them crystals to hold, again, depending on what I feel would benefit them at the moment. We then start the laser session.”

When she’s done zapping, Itzkowitz massages a mixture of lavender oil and aloe vera into the treatment area to reduce swelling. The end result? Believe it or not, clients leave calmer—yes, calmer—than they were before having their delicates blasted with a heat-emitting laser. I should know—Itzkowitz incorporated reiki when working on my underarms, and the process was a thousand times less painful than my previous experience. (Granted, it was a less sensitive area, but the technology being used was completely the same.) I’ve now decided reiki and laser hair removal are the PB&J of beauty treatments—you can do ‘em alone, but they work so much better together.