Beauty Blender
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The Beautyblender sponge is a staple for amateur artists and seasoned pros. And yes, they can roll their way to a seamless makeup application—but there’s more to the magical egg than it’s base-blending abilities. From applying lipstick to refreshing your makeup, we’ve uncovered three alternative ways to use the tool so you can get the most out of your investment.

For a Smoother Lip Look
Sometimes swiping on lipstick straight from the bullet can lead to a heavy-handed finish. For a soft wash of color, N.Y.C. makeup artist Edward Cruz recommends using a damp Beautyblender to apply the color. Start with a two-inch swatch on the back of your hand and then dip the point of the sponge into the product. “Make a soft smile and gently tap the color into all four corners of your mouth, then apply the remaining product to the center,” says Cruz. This trick works well with liquid lipsticks and traditional bullets, but avoid using with gloss, as the sticky texture might mess-up your sponge.

VIDEO: How To Use a Beautyblender

To Place Powder
Often packing powder onto a makeup brush can produce a cakey appearance. Instead, Cruz suggests using a damp Beautyblender to apply loose powder for a crease-free, flawless-looking complexion. “Dip the sponge into the powder then press under the eyes to set concealer, or on your face to set foundation.” Cruz says. If you’re on-the-go, pop a dry Beautyblender into your makeup bag to touch-up with pressed powder.

To Revive Your Makeup
For a midday refresh, dampen a Beautyblender with a bit of your favorite face serum. Cruz cautions not to swipe the sponge across your face, but instead, press the serum into the skin with a dabbing motion. Doing so will immediately brighten areas on your face that appear drier, explains Cruz.