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The Best Foundations for Oily Skin
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I know. One hundred and ten dollars is a lot of money. And believe me, I didn’t set out to fall in love with La Mer’s fluid long-wear foundation ($110; nordstrom.com). I mean, I don’t even like wearing foundation all that much. I initially applied just a touch under my eyes to cover some particularly dark circles. But as soon as I felt the soft formula (which, for lack of a more original comparison, feels like liquid silk) and saw how quickly it disappeared into my skin, I was hooked. I applied three more pumps and covered my entire face. My skin tone looked even, more polished, and didn’t feel weighed down by a cakey, tacky formula. I actually forgot I had a face of makeup on. In fact–could it be?–my skin actually felt more hydrated.

La Mer
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The results likely come by way of the brand’s famed “miracle broth,” which is in the original cult Crème de La Mer. The elixir is loaded with antioxidants (which protect your skin cells and keep them healthy). The base also packs SPF 20. But for me, perhaps its best quality is that it feels foolproof: One recent morning I slathered four pumps over my face while literally stepping into my pumps and racing out the door. I didn’t even look in the mirror until I got to work, and my foundation, somehow, looked flawless.