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Does your bathroom vanity resemble a Sephora beauty counter? No judgment here—we're guilty of being beauty hoarders ourselves. However, there's nothing enjoyable about overflowing drawers and filled-to-the-rim containers that leave you clueless about what you even own anymore.

We understand how quickly shampoos, creams, lipsticks, and lotions can multiply (and how frustrated your man, or anyone else you share a bathroom with, probably is by the situation). With that in mind, we've rounded up some our favorite tried-and-true ways to store your collections. Whether you choose a unit designed for cosmetics storage or take the more creative route, your favorite pampering goodies will be on display in no time. That’s right: It’s time to take your organization game to the next level.

Use What You've Got

Makeup Organization - Creative items
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When it comes to storage, what better way to organize and display than by re-purposing household staples? Try out any of the options below. You'll be surprised by what they can do for your beauty organizing needs.

1. Cookie Jar ($10; The perfect option for nail polish overload. Fill with your favorites for a colorful display that was created for easy access.

2. Jewelry hanger ($20; Perfect for organizing all eye shadows, compacts, and mascaras, this totable, hangable design lets you I.D. products at a glance. Hello, stress-free mornings!

3. Magazine holder ($9; Possessing powers organizing your favorite InStyle issues, fill your magazine holder with essential hot tools, like curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers.

4. Mason jars ($10 for a 12-pack; Simply add some colorful beads or pebbles to the bottom and pop in your makeup brushes.

5. Spice racks ($15; A revolving spice rack on your bathroom counter or inside a cupboard gives access to your plethora of hairsprays and face washes with a quick spin.

Go Custom

Makeup Organization
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We get it, sometimes your creative juices just aren't flowing. No worries—there are plenty of vanities and other storage alternatives designed specifically for beauty product organization. Below, you'll find some of our favorites.

1. Stacking cosmetics organizer (2-drawer, $20; 4-drawer, $20; Organizer, $17; This accessible and affordable organizing option stores things like eye pencils, eye shadows, and lipsticks. You can use each part separately, or stack them for more storage space.

2. Mirrored vanity case ($250; Equipped with six different storage areas, this case is ideal for stashing everything from fragrances to foundations. Bonus: You can use the mirrored surfaces when applying makeup.

3. Beauty wall cabinet ($200; Fill empty bathroom wall space with this cabinet, which features three drawers and additional storage space behind each door to store all your essential cosmetics.

4. Ultimate Makeup Organizer ($20; This acrylic organizer consolidates your beauty storage, keeping your collection extremely neat and easily accessible.

5. Mirrored makeup and small brush holder ($49; Yes, this item will organize all your small makeup brushes. Better yet, it will be a decorative addition to your vanity.

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