This YouTube-Famous Makeup Sponge Transforms the Way My Foundation Looks

Expensive-looking results for $13.

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This YouTube-Famous Makeup Sponge Transforms the Way My Foundation Looks
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For longer than I care to admit, I was committed to applying my foundation with bare hands. I was convinced that I could make like Kevyn Aucoin and use the warmth of my hands to press it into my skin — but alas, Aucoin was in a league of his own, and I was standing in the outfield eight miles away. My makeup got better when I embraced the wonders of brushes and makeup sponges, and thanks to YouTube, I'm never going without one under-$15 sponge again.

As someone who lives alone, YouTube is never far from my recently used apps. Even as a seasoned beauty writer and editor, watching vloggers like Reagan Hart and Taylor Wynn try new products is addicting, so when the latter mentioned she'd found the best makeup sponge of all time on Amazon, I clicked "purchase" as soon as it came back in stock. And after using it for a few weeks, I can confirm Beakey's Foundation Blending Beauty Sponge transforms the way my face looks daily.

I'm no stranger to Beautyblenders; they're iconic for a reason. I'll likely always keep one on hand just in case, but I'm convinced that Beakey's might be even better (apart from the name, which makes me think of sharp bird parts). Just as Wynn promised, when wet the non-latex material doesn't absorb as much product as other sponges, so a single pump of Kosas foundation is able to cover my whole face — even in the midst of a dermatitis outbreak that has my face covered in redness.

Beakey makeup sponge

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The large, flat surface on one side makes quick work of building coverage on my cheeks and forehead, while the rounded side buffs away edges and blends in blush. The pointed tip easily sneaks into corners to diffuse concealer around my eyes and nose, and because the brand sells two sponges for $13, I keep one dry to press talc-free setting powder over the spots I want my foundation to last. Wet or dry, the sponge has a nice, plush bounce to it.

Combined with its ability to handle soap without deteriorating, Beakey's sponge checks every box. Other people are likewise impressed: Amazon shoppers dub it a "real game changer," especially because the material is so strong, it lasts well. "I was skeptical due to the price, but not now. These sponges are every bit as good as the BB [Beautyblender], and at less than half the price," wrote a reviewer. Numerous people said they're "definitely" going to repurchase it, and I'm in the same boat — although considering how things are going, my next order may be years from now.

Get two Beakey Foundation Blending Beauty Sponges on Amazon for $13.

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