How to Navigate a Bikini Wax In a High-Cut Baywatch Swimsuit

Photo: Alamy Stock Photo

Just like tattoo chokers, the Posh Spice haircut, and a bottle of ice cold Zima, the Baywatch one piece swimsuit, high cut and all, is another thing hailing from the '90s having somewhat of a resurgence in 2017. We're here for it—the cut is flattering on just about everybody, but navigating exactly how to wax your bikini line so that nothing peeks out through the sides is where things get, well, hairy.

Luckily, Nicole Garcia of New York City's Boom Boom Booty and Brow Parlor has the answer.

"One mistake that happens with this cut in particular is that people will do the bikini line, but miss that part of skin on the inner thigh where your leg meets your pubic bone," she tells us. "It's helpful for you to explain to your technician that you'll be wearing a swimsuit cut high on the sides so that they don't forget about that crease."

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The two most obvious waxing patterns to go along with such a high cut are either a landing strip, or a Brazilian wax. "A landing strip is pretty universally known," she explains. "It's one strip of hair that's a quarter of an inch wide and an inch and a half long from the top of the lip area. With a Brazilian wax, everything is taken off—the whole enchilada."

Of course, if the former styles are too extreme for your tastes, Garcia suggests going for a Deep V wax, which can also be referred to as an extended bikini. "It basically looks like an upside-down triangle," she says. "It starts as high as a landing strip, but tapers down toward the lip area, and is cleaned very deep into the sides and inner thigh to ensure nothing is showing." Prior to your appointment, make sure you have around two weeks of growth to work with, and exfoliate the area to clear up any dead skin and free any trapped hairs under the surface.

Immediately after, Garcia recommends using hydrocortisone cream over areas that are particularly sensitive, and being liberal with your sunscreen use once you do get to the pool or beach. "Waxing is a form of exfoliation, and it will exfoliate the top layers of skin, causing the layers underneath to become more exposed," she adds. A layer of SPF over the newly-bare area will help prevent both any unexpected pigmentation and sun burn from taking shape.

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