This "Face Altering" French Skincare Brand Is Having a Massive Sale

Diane Kruger, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kendall Jenner are fans.

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Avene Black Friday Sale
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Some mornings get off to a rough start. Say, as an example drawn from my own life, you confuse a piece of brown leaf on the couch for an everything bagel topping and try to eat it, or you're plunging a clogged toilet and water splashes on your leg. And then it hits you: Despite the trials, it's Black Friday, and that means brands like Avène are offering their best deals of the season. Despite the odds, it's enough to turn any day around.

This year, Avène is offering 25 percent off sitewide and free shipping with the code TGIF25. The sale runs from Nov. 22 to the 27, although given how rare discounts are for the French brand, I'd recommend acting fast. That said, it's a lot to take in. The brand has 16 skincare collections, and because the labels mix French and English, the branding takes a bit of deciphering.

So here's the top line: If you're interested in anti-aging, the RetrinAL, A-OXitive, and PhysioLift collections are your best bet. For redness and irritation, look towards Antirougeurs, Cicalfate, and Tolérance; if you have dry skin, Hydrance and TriXera Nutrition; and for oily and acneic skin types, TriAcnéal and Cleanance. Diane Kruger is a fan of the brand's eye cream, Kendall Jenner uses the Cicalfate lip balm, and Gwyneth Paltrow is a disciple of the iconic Thermal Spring Water spray.

If you're only looking to buy one single thing, you can't miss with the brand's much-lauded troupe of anti-agers, chief among them the RetrinAL 0.1 Intensive Cream. Shoppers report the formula clearing up their "canyon-sized" wrinkles in days, the retinaldehyde and vitamin E-fortified "miracle lotion" able to smooth out stubborn creases with ease. As one person wrote, "My wrinkles are remarkably less. It makes my skin look five to ten years younger."

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Shop now: $53 with code TGIF25 (Originally $70);

The brand's A-OXitive Antioxidant Defense Serum with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid is another good pick, this one intended for daytime use (since retinol makes your skin more sun-sensitive, it's best reserved for the dark hours. One positive of Daylight Saving Time — there's no shortage of those). Back to the serum: "My face is so much better. I used to have dark circles under my eyes, but no more," a 67-year-old wrote. My complexion is smooth and pores smaller."

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Shop now: $33 with code TGIF25 (Originally $44);

The last 36 months have been a doozy, and that number keeps on growing. If you see the lines around your eyes similarly increasing, Avène's Retrinal Eyes can throw up a defense with its concentrated wrinkle-reducing, puffiness-deflating formula. According to reviewers, the thick, non-greasy texture doesn't mess around.

"I began to see a softening of lines within a week. After a month, the improvement is amazing," said a 70-year-old on the brand's website. "[My] under eye lines show remarkable improvement...after one month, there are now only three very short, faint lines remaining. They are only barely visible when I smile — before, they were visible even without smiling."


Shop now: $37 with code TGIF25 (Originally $49);

Last but not least, the PhysioLift Night Smoothing Balm is a crowd-pleaser. Retinaldehyde and hyaluronic acid smooth skin while the brand's proprietary ascofilline lifts skin, and hesperidin methyl chalcone wards off UV damage. Per customers, the results are staggering. "I'm in my late forties, but with this product, my skin looks like it did in my early thirties. I am amazed," one person wrote of the effect on their very sensitive skin. Hyperpigmentation lightens within three weeks, another user reports, and a 50-year-old says it's responsible for their best skin ever.

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Shop now: $38 with code TGIF25 (Originally $50);

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