August 2010

Ashley Tisdale-CBS Summer Press-hair
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August 2010

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Jayma Mays's Retro Waves

Jayma Mays-Emmys-hair
Russ Einhorn / Splash News

THE STYLE Soft, blownout strands, parted in the center and bumped-up at the crown

WHERE The 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT "Jayma Mays's hair was inspired by my favorite starlets from the '60s: Sharon Tate, Brigitte Bardot, and Ann Margaret," said stylist Cervando Maldanado, who created the look. "I loved the play of volume and texture. The center-part framed her features in such a sexy, glam way."

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Julia Ormond's Tumbling Waves

Julia Ormand-hair-Emmys
Gilbert Flores/

BR] THE STYLE Loose, broken-up waves

WHERE The 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT "My inspiration for Julia Ormond's style was Julia herself, of course," said hairstylist Enzo Algieri. "My goals was for her hair to look healthy, natural and radiant." Mission accomplished.

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Claire Danes's Bouncy Blowout

Claire Danes-Emmys-hair
Casey Rodgers/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

THE STYLE A shoulder-length cut styled in perky, curled under waves

WHERE The 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT While Claire Danes's fellow red carpeters favored loose, undone styles, there was something refreshing about her own neat coif. The gently swept-back waves framed her face just so; the sunny blond hue was perfect against her sequined gown.

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Jennifer Carpenter's Sideswept Style

Jennifer Carpenter-hair-Emmys
Mathew Imaging/WireImage

THE STYLE A side-part and a pile of loose spirals pulled to one shoulder

WHERE The 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT "Jennifer Carpenter's dress was so sleek and contouring, I decided not to give any volume to the hair to distract from that silhouette," said Gio Campora, who created the look. If you'd like to play with a similar look for a big night, the hairstylist offers these words of advice: "Make sure your hair isn't wavy or curly, but textured-after shampooing, put mousse in and side-part, then sweep hair to the side and let air dry."

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Emily Blunt's Jeweled Updo

Emily Blunt - Transformation - Hair - Celebrity Before and After
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

THE STYLE A tucked-up, finger-waved updo with a sparkly accent

WHERE The 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT After creating Emily Blunt's recently wedding hairstyle, styling this red carpet look was a breeze for stylist Laini Reeves. "We wanted a style that was very different from any that Emily had worn before," she said. "I knew that a modern look based on '20s waves was the perfect complement to her gown." By adding the finishing touch-a diamond earring sewn along two criss-crossed bobby pins-Reeves made sure the retro updo had a one-of-a-kind vibe.

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Lea Michele's Soft Down 'Do

Lea Michele-Emmys-hair-Mark Townsend
Frazer Harrison/Getty

THE STYLE A voluminous blowout with lived-in texture and pushed aside bangs

WHERE The 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT "Lea wanted her hair to look touchable and super modern," said hairstylist Mark Townsend, who created the look. "This full style with a bit of roughness was perfect against her flawless gown." Townsend added extra dimension to the style with a few lengths of blondish extensions. "They brightened up her look and kept it from feeling too formal or severe," he said.

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Jessica Alba's Sexy Waves

Jessica Alba-Machete-hair
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

THE STYLE Loose, sexy waves and a strict center-part

WHERE A screening of Machete in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Jessica Alba smoldered in a sequined metallic mini, lush faux lashes and effortlessly rumpled waves. To pull of a similar look, be sure to twist the curling iron away from your face-spirals curling forward can look prom-ish.

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Katy Perry's Shoulder-Length Cut

Katy Perry-hair-the Late show with david letterman
Henry Lamb/Photowire / BEImages

THE STYLE A wavy crop with sideswept bangs

WHERE The Late Show with David Letterman in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Katy Perry used to rock blunt bangs and long strands, but over the last few weeks, the length has been creeping shorter and her fringe is being swept to the side. Is the bride-to-be embracing her softer side?

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Kate Beckinsale's Retro Ponytail

Kate Beckinsale-hair-ponytail
Janet Gough/

THE STYLE A voluminous and retro-inspired ponytail

WHERE The premiere of Going the Distance in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Big hair is in this season, but take it from Kate Beckinsale-over-the-top volume can still look polished. Rather than poufing out the entire head, the actress kept the height on top, leaving the back gently curled and neatly coiffed.

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Christina Hendricks's Curly Bob

Christina Hendricks-hair-bob
Mathew Imaging/WireImage

THE STYLE A pert and bouncy chin-length bob

WHERE The Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Christina Hendricks has the brightest, cheeriest red strands in Hollywood. This bob has an undeniably retro appeal, but the vibrant, impeccable color keeps it from feeling too old school.

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Kristen Bell's Caramel Lowlights

Kristen Bell-hair-Louis Vuitton
David Crotty/ Press

THE STYLE Sunny blond strands with subtle ribbons of a warmer dirty blond

WHERE A Louis Vuitton event in Santa Monica

WHY WE LOVE IT Kristen Bell is one of the brightest blonds in Hollywood-her little secret for keeping it that way? Dimensional lowlights in a darker hue that actually make her white blond shades pop even more!

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Drew Barrymore's Crimped Waves

Drew Barrymore-hair-London
Optic Photos,

THE STYLE Long blond waves with lots of piecey texture

WHERE Promoting Going the Distance in London

WHY WE LOVE IT If you're Drew Barrymore, you don't have to be in California to look like you've spent a week at the beach. In fact, the actress was all the way across the pond when she pulled out this salt-soaked, windblown style-which makes us dig it even more!

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Maggie Gyllenhaal's Wavy Bob

Maggie Gyllenhaal-hair-Nanny McPhee Returns
Dave Allocca/

THE STYLE A side-parted, gently curled bob

WHERE The premiere of Nanny McPhee Returns in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT With this shapely style, hairstylist Mark Townsend showed off just how versatile Maggie Gyllenhaal's chin-length bob can be. A deep side-part, brushed out finger waves and dose of shine serum transformed this into a girly, romantic, and entirely different look.

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Angelina Jolie's Windswept Strands

Angelina Jolie-Salt-London-hair
Nick Sadler/

THE STYLE Piecey, blown-out hair with a curled under fringe

WHERE The premiere of Salt in London

WHY WE LOVE IT If your coif is too fussy, a little wind might be enough to throw you into a full-on panic. Not so for Angelina Jolie, whose simple style actually benefited from a few strong gusts. The key to not looking weather wrecked? Plenty of subtle volume around the crown, which keeps the style from falling flat.

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Dianna Agron's '60s Style

Dianna Agron-Breakthrough of the Year Awards-hair

THE STYLE A bumped-up half updo with sexy barrel curls

WHERE The Breakthrough of the Year Awards presented by Crest 3D White in Hollywood

WHY WE LOVE IT With this grown-up look, Dianna Agron shed her cheerleader's charm in favor of a sultry and sophisticated style. Pulling the lush tendrils onto one shoulder has an impossibly sexy effect.

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Jessica Stroup's Soft Style

Jessica Stroup-hair-InStyle
Jason Merritt/Getty

THE STYLE A longish pixie brushed gently to the side

WHERE The InStyle Summer Soiree in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Back in May, we reported on Jessica Stroup's choppy, perfectly mussed new haircut. The adorable style has grown out over the summer, and this neater, more romantic iteration is perfect for cozy fall outings.

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Christina Ricci's New Auburn Bob

Christina Ricci-hair-BlackBerry Tour
Jason LaVeris/

THE STYLE A flipped-out, below-the-chin bob in a nuanced reddish hue

WHERE The BlackBerry Torch launch party in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT In the past year, Christina Ricci has had long bangs, no bangs, and now this short, girly cut. The thin honey ribbons keep the new shade from feeling too severe; the curled-under ends give the crop a playful touch.

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Vanessa Hudgens's Shorter Strands

Vanessa Hudgens-hair-Details
Jordan Strauss/

THE STYLE Piecey, imperfect waves in a shorter, fresher length

WHERE A Details party in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT We're used to seeing Vanessa Hudgens with extra-long hair that goes on and on. This new below-the-shoulder, above-the-chest length seems lighter and breezier-a perfect transition to fall during these last sweet days of summer.

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Kerry Washington's Glossy Waves

Kerry Washington-hair-The Tillman Story
Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

THE STYLE High shine, high volume spirals

WHERE The premiere of The Tillman Story in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Kerry Washington is that master of sleek, sophisticated looks but this head of riotous curls was equally as striking. The smooth hair around the crown accented the playful texture towards the end of her strands.

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Hilary Duff's Oversized Top Knot

Hilary Duff-2010 Teen Choice Awards-hair
Jennifer Graylock/

THE STYLE A high and extra-chunky braided bun

WHERE The 2010 Teen Choice Awards in Universal City, CA

WHY WE LOVE IT The swooping hair along Hilary Duff's forehead adds a hint of avant-garde elegance, while the high braided bun is an updated take on a classic. Plus, in the summer months, is there anything better than taking the hair way up and off the neck?

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Selma Blair's Curly Bob

Selma Blair-hair-Middle Men
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

THE STYLE A gently curled chin-length crop

WHERE The Middle Men premiere in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Curls and short haircuts usually have poodle-ish consequences. But not if your spirals are as soft and brushed-out as Selma Blair's. The smooth side part keeps the look polished-for a similar effect, work a dab of heavy styling cream into damp strands to weigh-down unruly curls.

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Katrina Bowden's Sleek Strands

Katrina Bowden-hair-Intermix
Neilson Barnard/Getty

THE STYLE A soft and simple blowout

WHERE The Intermix Summer Rooftop concert in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Hairstyles don't have to be fancy or overwrought to catch our eyes. As Katrina Bowden proved, an uncomplicated down 'do has its place. We're also loving her toned-down hair color: Rather than a bleached-out blond, the actress is rocking a trendy summer brond.

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Piper Perabo's '40s Waves

Piper Perabo-hair
Sara De Boer/

THE STYLE A smooth center-part and tumbling, structured waves

WHERE The NBC Summer Press Tour Party in Beverly Hills

WHY WE LOVE IT Piper Perabo may be best known for her Coyote Ugly bar-dancing skills, but that doesn't mean she can't turn up the elegance. This ultra-polished style-paired with a swipe of shiny red lipstick-was impossibly sophisticated.

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Eva Mendes's Curly Ponytail

Eva Mendes-The Other Guys-hair-ponytail
Soul Brother/

THE STYLE A high, girly ponytail topped off with a little bling

WHERE The premiere of The Other Guys in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Eva Mendes's latest look had a retro feel and a modern edge. The ponytail's tumbling wave is impossibly sexy; the sparkly barrette adds polish and shine.

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Jada Pinkett Smith's New Bob!

Jada Pinkett Smith-Jimmy Kimmel Live!-hair

THE STYLE A sleek and swingy crop with thick, straight fringe

WHERE An appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Jada Pinkett Smith is no stranger to new 'dos-in the past year we've seen her in waves, braids, buns and curls-and this new look is one of her best yet. The flicky ends flatter her heart-shaped face; the thick bangs draw attention to her searing eyes.

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Ashley Tisdale's Subtle Ombre Hair

Ashley Tisdale-CBS Summer Press-hair
Jon Kopaloff/

THE STYLE Deep espresso roots that fade slowly to a sandy brown

WHERE The 2010 CBS Summer Press Tour Party in Beverly Hills

WHY WE LOVE IT Ashley Tisdale may not have bleached-out tips, but the subtle variation in color is no less arresting. For a similar look, ask your colorist for a single process hue with partial highlights on the bottom half of the strands. Even a shade just a few notches lighter will add striking dimension and depth.

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