Proof That Ashley Graham KILLS It As a Redhead

Ashley Graham - LEAD
Photo: Gabriel Grams/Getty

Here's some news for you on this Autumn Monday: this world belongs to Ashley Graham and we're just living in it. The gorgeous model has broken just about every professional boundary proving to everyone that when a girl has ambition and works hard, there is nothing she can't do. Haters can keep hating, Ashley Graham will just keep winning. And her latest beauty photo shoot is the ultimate proof that Graham is nothing but a winner.

The model took to Instagram to show off some of the snaps Fashion Unfiltered took of her for its latest issue. Let's just say you've never seen her like that before. "And they said I wasn't an editorial girl..," captioned one of the photos Graham and it's probably our favorite.

It shows her wearing pretty much nothing but a red wig and matching nail polish. Her bangin' body aside, Graham is totally pulling off that fiery hair shade. Did we mention there is nothing she can't do?! Oh right, we did.

The masterminds behind the killer look are hairstylist Romina Manenti and nail artist Honey. Makeup artist Vincent Oquendo only applied Marc Jacobs's New Sheer Gel Lipstick in Anais.

The rest is all Graham, naturally.

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