Lipstick Art - Lead
Credit: Getty

Alexis Fraser, a contemporary painter based in Toronto, is giving the phrase "sealed with a kiss" a whole new meaning.

You see, this innovative artist applies lipstick to her lips and then strategically kisses the canvas over and over again in order to create her images. She calls this method "kiss print pointillism," named after the technique developed by popular post-impressionist French artist, Georges Seurat.

After Fraser is done with all that kissing, she'll sometimes blend the kisses out. She'll also go back in with the actual lipstick to refine the image further. So far, she's created some seriously stunning portraits—including the gorgeous portraits below—as well as other still life images. You can check out her full gallery here.

Meet the lipstick version of Elizabeth Taylor.

And here's a little Frank and Dean. Do you think they ever imagined themselves this way?

We are thoroughly impressed by your innovation and technique, Alexis. Kisses from us to you!