Proof That Ariel Winter Has Always Had Amazing Hair

Ariel Winter arrives at ABC's "Modern Family."
Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

We have been marveling at Ariel Winter's mane for years now — it always looks so healthy and shiny, even after she dyed it red (and we all know drastic color changes could damage your hair). Well, guess what?

As it turns out, girl has always had locks that silky. Winter posted (the cutest) #TBT photo of her as a child, and we couldn't help but notice A) her amazingly silky hair and B) OMG, she'sseriously the cutest.

Also, as a commenter pointed out, "Why are your eyebrows as a child still shaped better than mine as an adult? :/"

Yeah, they are perfect.

Celebrity #TBTs are the best.

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