Nordstrom Shoppers Say These Spot Repair Toning Pads Banished Blemishes and “Brings Their Skin Back to Life”

The "Real Winner" Against Blemishes Are These Spot Toning Pads

Shoppers say they clear up blemishes overnight, like magic.
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When you think of face toners, images of large, clunky bottles with ingredients listed in formal fonts might come to mind — but not every toner is your grandmother's witch hazel. Today, toners come in many different formulations and applications, including the wildly popular toner pad.  Instead of applying your favorite formulas with a cotton ball, toners like this shopper favorite come in pre-soaked pads that banish blemishes and smooth skin in the process. 

The Tabula Rasa Spot Repair Toner Pads from Arcona targets blemishes and also soothes razor burns, calms ingrown hairs, and reduces large pores. Each of the 45 pads is drenched in a blemish-fighting formula that quickly treats each break out area. 

Tabula Rasa Pads Spot Repair Toner ARCONA
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What makes the toner pads so effective? Lactic acid, which is an exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid or AHA. Michelle Wong, cosmetic chemist and founder of Lab Muffin, previously told InStyle that lactic acid is used as an exfoliant, but it's also hydrating. "It can hydrate your skin, reduce clogged pores, smooth out skin texture and help fade pigment," she said. Dr. Michele Green, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist in New York City, also explained to InStyle that lactic acid "can remove blemishes, fade sunspots, improve skin tone, texture, reduce hyperpigmentation and superficial wrinkles." The brand also notes that the lactic acid unclogs pores to neutralize blemish-causing bacteria.

These toner pads also contain​​ allantoin and grapeseed extract to help promote cell renewal And just likke the old classics,, antiseptic witch hazel leaves skin visibly cleansed and refreshed." Arcona says to see the best results, use the toning pads in the morning or night, two to four times a week.

According to Nordstrom shoppers, the pads are "magic," and make reviewers say "wow." One shopper said that the pads "clears up any blemish overnight like magic!"

76 percent of Nordstrom shoppers gave the repair pads a five-star review, praising the visible results. One shopped called the repair pads a "real winner," adding,  "I have looked for products to clear my skin over the years, to eliminate breakouts without drying my sensitive skin. This is it! Along with the cranberry gommage, youth serum, and peptide eye serum, I now have my go-to daily regimen."

A final shopper says that the toner pads are a "must have" in their routine now. "Cleared up my acne that I have been struggling with for years almost instantly! My skin looks revitalized! After all of the damage I did to my skin in college, these pads are bringing it back to life! Amazing price for this priceless product!" they said.

The Tabula Rasa Spot Repair Toner Pads come packaged in a compact jar, but don't worry; potent results come in small packages. Head to Nordstrom now to grab the pads now and watch blemishes vanish like magic.