Shoppers in Their 50s Love This Fast-Absorbing Face Oil That Leaves Skin "Moisturized and Glowing"

It contains the same compounds as red wine.

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Arcona Wine Oil

If there's anything I've learned from getting older, it's that I definitely can't drink the way I used to. Wine particularly gives me the worst hangovers; the headaches, nausea, and fatigue whittle away by mid-afternoon (occasionally, with some hair of the dog), but there's one side effect that lingers: ultra-parched skin. I'll admit that my dryness is often exacerbated by skipping skincare steps in a rush to get into bed the night prior, but regardless of what I put on it, my face looks desert-level dry and flaky following a night of drinking.

While a tall morning-after mimosa somehow always manages to heal my hangover, I never thought to turn to wine to address my related skin worries. So, I was surprised to discover that a face product shoppers have called "a big drink of amazing for the skin" contains properties commonly found in the corked stuff.

Arcona Wine Oil

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The Arcona Wine Oil technically isn't made with table wine, but instead, grapeseed oil that's packed with antioxidant-rich condensed tannins called proanthocyanidins, which you would likewise find in your favorite bottle of cab or merlot. This star ingredient is one of Megan Fox's secret weapons for soft and smooth skin thanks to its ability to promote moisture, suppleness, and elasticity.

The formula shares yet another similarity with red wine: It contains resveratrol, an anti-aging compound that can reduce inflammation and support the production of hyaluronic acid. Also on board, clove leaf oil, orange peel oil, and cinnamon are "soothing," according to users, and give this medium-weight product a warm fragrance that "smells like Christmas."

Shoppers "can't live without" the oil, particularly those in their 50s and 60s. One 58-year-old reviewer reported "definitely" softer skin and diminished fine lines after a couple years of use, while a 52-year-old customer called it their "favorite oil," adding that it "absorbed rather quickly" and "is not greasy at all." Another person in their 60s, who used the "refreshing" oil in tandem with the brand's Wine Hydrating Mask, said their skin has "never looked so dewy and healthy."

And though this nourishing skin-soother will leave faces of all ages "moisturized and glowing," some have also found alternative uses for it as a softening beard oil and an anti-aging hand moisturizer. No matter your personal need, shop the Arcona Wine Oil for $58 at Nordstrom to find out why some call it "indispensable."

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