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Sonic Blend Brush Lead
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I am a huge fan of blending my makeup with my fingers. You see, I tend to reserve cosmetic brushes for my eyes and only reach for my beautyblender when I really need to. This is primarily because I feel like I have more control when using my hands, and because I worry about makeup brushes and tools getting dirty. Sure, I wash my brushes regularly, but you still never know...

What I'm trying to say is that techy beauty gadgets aren't a huge part of my makeup routine. However, I think I'm slowly being taken to the other side of the fence—the side where cosmetic brushes are used on the regular—because of a new tool I picked up a couple months ago: Michael Todd Beauty's SonicBlend Makeup Brush ($99, amazon.com). It sat in the package for several weeks on my desk, where it'd sometimes catch my eye and prompt me to consider freeing it from the box and give it a spin (literally) After one particularly lackluster Saturday morning, I finally did.

The brush requires three hours of charge time, so I took a long bath, played with my cats, did some laundry and then stood in the mirror, brush poised for action, ready to see how it worked. It was kind of awkward at first, but within a minute or two I felt like I had a feel for it. I applied my bb cream with the brush on its highest pulse setting (of which there are three) and watched the makeup magically melt into my skin.

One of my favorite things about this tool is its ability to create a very thin, blended layer of makeup that provides coverage but doesn't look caked on. Because of the three different settings, you can also control the coverage more easily than you can with your hands. For example, I sometimes need more coverage on my chin or upper cheeks if I'm dealing with a bit of hormonal acne, and I want something more gentle for the sensitive skin under my eyes.

Another cool thing about this brush is that you can use it for both powder and liquid makeup. After applying my bb cream, I like to use it to apply cream blush to the apples of my cheeks, and then I'll go in with a tiny bit of powder highlighter and contour. It creates a seamlessly blended look for all the above, and everything looks and feels very even. You can also work it into crevices between your nose and eyes, and around your hairline and chin.

Let's talk pricing. It's definitely spendy at $99, and I normally wouldn't pay that much for a tool, but IMO the price is justified by several factors.

First, it's a multi-use tool that works for basically any makeup you're going to apply to your face (save for eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick). Also, it allows you to use less makeup than usual since it blends at up to 200 brush strokes per second, doesn't stretch or rub the skin (it just floats and glides) and creates a finish that's magazine cover-worthy.

Also, it's antimicrobial, meaning it literally has built-in protection to prevent bacteria from festering on your brush. As a self-admitted germaphobe, that brings me great peace of mind. I do not like the idea of rubbing a bunch of germs all over my face. But really... who does?

So yeah, a flawless face via a germ-destroying tool? I'm so in.