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Not to rain on your "new year, new you parade," but you might not want to cement that resolution to cut back on the cocktails just yet. Merging our love of skincare with that of a stiff drink, the aptly-named Anti-aGin liquor claims to impart younger-looking skin with the help of drinkable collagen. The concept of ingestable collagen is nothing new—the countless skin-focused gummi vitamins on the market are a testament to this, and a few drinkable options are also available. Combining the idea with one of our favorite spirits, however, makes happy hour so much happier, though your laugh lines won't be any indicator.

The gin is the brainchild of UK's Warner Leisure Hotels and conceptual food and design studio Bompass & Parr, though it isn't the latter company's first foray into the beauty space. Most recently, the team collaborated with Harrod's on a series of jelly desserts shaped like some of our favorite luxury fragrances. You can score a bottle of Anti-aGin on priced at $44, so while it's a higher price point than your usual Tanqueray, the fact that it's a skincare-liquor hybrid may be a sellilng point for some. We have yet to try it, so the results are to be determined, though we're eager to get our hands on some—you know, for journalistic integrity.